Frequently Asked Questions

Property Search

Select the name of the destination, the travel dates and the number of persons. Select the minimum commission fee you’d like to earn. Then click on the search button. The platform will show the properties available and able to let you earn at least the commission requested. If you want you can refine the search adding more filters like type of property, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms …
No, some of them could be on request.
No. The properties are listed directly by the property suppliers which decide the level of commission to give to the Buyers.
No. The number of the properties showed depend on the minimum level of commission you set; this level can be set when you create the profile and can be changed for every research.
Yes, doesn’t have exclusivity on the properties listed. The property suppliers are obliged to publish on the lowest price he applies on the market.
Yes. You can even change the currency when you create the custom quote for your client.
If a property doesn’t have any reviews, it may be because it’s been listed recently on the platform and hasn’t had any reviews yet. However the property suppliers has the chance to publish also the link through you can view that property on other channels.
The available properties can be viewed either on a list or a map. The approximate location is showed also in the property details.
It is very usual for the property suppliers to apply different prices for any season.

Booking Process

Click on “View Details” and follow the path until the confirmation of your booking.
After you have clicked on “View Details”, go on and click on “View Booking Options”. On the bottom left you can download a PDF custom quote to send to your customer.
You can view the details of your bookings in the “Bookings” section.
It is not possible to amend online a confirmed booking. In case you need to change something please contact us. We’ll contact the property supplier and make the best to amend the booking as you request.
Once you have completed the booking you will immediately notified via email with the custom voucher to give to your customer. You can also download the voucher anytime in the “Bookings” section.


You have to pay in full when you confirm the booking.
You have to pay the net price to confirm the booking.
The payments can only be made by credit card.
No, the security deposit, like all the other extra costs, will be paid directly from your customer at the arrival in the property.
No, the property price never includes the final cleanings which have to be paid, if requested from the property supplier, directly from your customer at the arrival in the property.

Check-in / Check-out

We suggest you to communicate at least one week the arrival details of your customer directly to the property supplier.
The check-in and check-out procedures are indicated in the property details and in the confirmation vocuher.
In case of problems with the check-in, you should try to contact directly the property supplier. In case it will not be possible, contact B2Book assistance team.
In this case we will try to find an alternative structure for your client, possibly refunding the difference in case the new accommodation has a lower price than the one booked. We recommend that you report the missed check in by clicking on the appropriate button you can find in the Bookings section. This action can be carried out within 24 hours after the date of commencement of stay and allows us to block the payment due to the accommodation provider so as to be able to reimburse you if necessary.
In this case you can click on the "Request refund" button you can find in the "Bookings" section. This action can be carried out within 48 hours after the customer's release date and determines the opening of an investigation by the staff to arrive at a solution to the dispute.

General is a web platform which allows any property supplier to offer its tourist accommodation to any travel professional worldwide: travel agencies, tour operators, OTA.
The registration is completely free. Just begin inserting your email and choosing a password. You will receive an activation link on the email provided.
Click on the “Contacts” link or use the chat online. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.
You can find the link on the home page’s bottom line.
If you notice a bug on our website, we’d really like to know. Please send an email to [email protected]
Yes, we actually have an offer of over 90.000 properties in all the world. Thanks to agreements and integrations already under way with PMS and Channel Manager, we aim to double our portfolio by the end of 2019.


You can cancel your reservation by clicking on the appropriate button on the booking summary page in the "Bookings" section.
Cancellation penalties are set independently by the property supplier. In case of cancellation you will be refunded on the same credit card used for the booking, according to the cancellation policies set by the property supplier.

First you have to register your profile by entering the required information. The insertion of the listing is simple and intuitive.
The Buyers are all the travel agencies and tour operators registered on B2Book. The property can be also published on other OTAs connected through API to the platform.
The bookings are made by the Buyer automatically on B2Book.
Once the booking is confirmed you will have access to all the details about the Buyer and the final customer.
When you create the listing you have to add the basic informations needed by the customer to have an easy check in (contact phones, directions, public transport etc ...). These guidelines are contained in the voucher that is generated and automatically notified to the Buyer at the time of the booking confirmation.
It depends on the cancellation policy you have set when creating the listing. The Buyer will be reimbursed based on what you have set.
B2Book pays the Seller on the second day after the check-in.
No, B2Book charges its service fee to the Buyer.
Yes, you have to indicate how much is the commission you intend to give to the Buyers. You can receive bookings from all the Buyers which have accepted to work within the level of commission you have set.
The accommodation must be published at the lower price in the market. In this way you avoid the risk that the final customer can find the same accommodation at a lower price than the one offered to him by the Buyer.
At the creation of you can determine whether customers will need to pay a security deposit on arrival.
Final cleaning is never included in the price. Its payment, if any, will occur on arrival in the accommodation.
Yes, you can set the extra costs by selecting them as mandatory (eg. tourist tax, final cleaning etc ...) or optional (eg. late check in, crib rental, hourly parking fees etc ...). These amounts are however not included in the price, its payment is due upon arrival in the structure.
Yes, the calendar can be both imported and exported. supports any calendar in iCal format.
The position of your listing will be determined by the following criteria in order of importance: price, listing quality (determined by the reviews received), profile quality (determined by the total of the reviews received for listings you have published).